Thinking About Adoption

You may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, but you can plan a life for your baby. Almost everyone in this country is touched by adoption, a family member, a neighbor, a friend or someone who knows someone who is birthparent, an adoptee, or adoptive parents.

Children need parents and adoption creates a new family for your child.

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Here to Help

Our purpose is to help provide loving, nurturing homes for infants and young children in need of homes. The children who are available to you for adoption have been freed for adoption due to economic or social reasons. Contrary to popular thought, the majority of these children are loved by their biological parents, whose decision to choose adoption was made with a very special kind of love, as they placed their baby's welfare above their own feelings.

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Who Can Adopt

People who can provide a nurturing and stable home environment can adopt. Yes, you can adopt if you have the capacity for giving, sharing and caring. Adoption Advocates is looking for prospective adoptive couples with the desire and the determination to invest in a child's future.

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