Birth Mother

You may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, but you can plan a life for your baby. Almost everyone in this country is touched by adoption, a family member, a neighbor, a friend or someone who knows someone who is birthparent, an adoptee, or adoptive parents.  Children need parents and adoption creates a new family for your child.  Make a good choice for your baby and for yourself.  Emotional support and financial support are provided for you during the pregnancy and post partum period to ensure your health and comfort and your baby’s health. 

Agency staff assist you in developing your adoption plan and satisfying your needs in the adoption process.  You may or may not want to select and have contact with the adoptive couple.  The adoption plan can be designed however you want.  The best way is the way that brings you the most comfort and peace that you have made a responsible and loving decision for your child to be adopted and to have a life with many opportunities and advantages.

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