We are a small family operated agency without a long waiting list and we only work with a small number of prospective adoptive couples at a given time.  Most families have a placement within the year, many times sooner, after submission of the required information and documentation.  Couples who are tolerant and accepting of personal and social circumstances unlike their own have the quickest success in adding to their family.

Adoption Advocates is a non-profit, 501 c.3, charity, agency that places primarily newborns.  We also perform homestudies, post placement reports and pre-adoptive education and supportive counseling for birthparents and prospective adoptive parents. We are experienced in coordinating the many facets of the adoption process.

We work with prospective adoptive parents throughout the U.S. as well as abroad.  Children all over the world need parents.

Please follow the link and print the document below. (This document must be signed; therefore it cannot be processed electronically.) Answer all questions completely by typing or printing and return to the address listed throughout the website. Please include a nonrefundable application fee of $400.00 and a family photo.